Our business is to listen to your concerns and provides solution. As well-organized, efficient workspace helps the clients business operate smoothly. Our expertise in office construction includes installing high standard partitions wall and covering, floor covering, lighting, managing expansion plan and moving offices to new sites, meeting construction schedules but yet achieving environmental, health and safety guidelines.

We strive to meet the needs of our customers, ensuring smooth operation, efficiently and comfort in the running of their business. Every project we do is unique, but to each job we bring the same qualities: experience, dedication, and pride in our final product.



Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Specialized Engineering


Asti’s excellent and long-standing working relations with other contractors and related industrial experience help us feed our active interest in all facets of modern construction science which includes clean room operations. We are committed to using these resources to deliver the highest quality service to our clients. Our comprehensive engineering processes provide the capability to take on advanced technology turnkey projects including semiconductor, electronics and pharmaceutical industries as well as large Data Centres.

In any collaboration with Asti to produce critical facility plan, installation of facility to retrofitting projects or introducing new facilities concept, our engineering experience provide the following valuable, cost effective input all phases of the project.



Asti specializes Division is a multi-discipline process specialist and has been providing ultra high purity fabrication, installation, and coordination services to the industry that require critical and specialized operations. We have the experience and equipment to provide Opital welding operation, Infra-Red Fusion Welding Operation for the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food processing, ethanol, water and biotech industries. We have extensive experience working in the Celanroom environment We develop our own solar power control system to support our client’s energy savings program in supplementing their process.

Asti is constantly developing our expertise and refining our methods for installing specilized critical system in industrial plants through the years giving us an edge over technology




Creating and maintaining an OH&S system where
management and staff work co-operatively to ensure a
safe and healthy workplace improvised for all employees,
contractors, visitors and relevant interested parties.

The Management aims to continually improve our OH&S performance by reducing, minimizing and preventing health and safety breaches associated with work-related injury. This encompasses a pro-active assessment and consideration of workplace hazards and related risks which aims to prevent accidents and injuries.

The Management is committed to comply with relevant and applicable legal regulations, code of practices, OHSAS 18001 standards requirements and other requirements which the company subscribes.



Striving to provide quality products & consistent
services to achieve customer satisfaction.

We are committed to comply and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system in accordance with ISO requirements, customer requirements and statutory / regulatory requirements.