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We offer holistic, integrated and bespoke engineering services that are anchored on quality and cost-friendliness.We treat every project differently, building our services around your specific requirements. Offering only engineers and technicians of the highest calibre, we are not afraid to take on complex projects, resolving each problem through the most appropriate solutions.

Data Centers
Interior Construction
Clean Room
Data Centers
Interior Construction


One of Asti’s key expertises lies in designing, engineering and construction of clean rooms. Throughout the years, we have provided end-to-end capability in successfully building clean room development project from concept to completion Our knowledge spans the entire process and our service is tailored to the specific needs of your industry


As the nerve-centre of many businesses, the data centre is a critical component in your business operation. From physical infrastructure cabling, connectivity, bandwidth intensive devices to storage systems, a well-designed data centre should address not just current requirements but be future-proved for scalability. Having installed data centres in India Hyderabad, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Australia, we are highly experienced in the design and construction of data centres and server rooms. Our team excels in evaluating and analysing your requirements and converting them into data centres that adhere to stringent international standards and guidelines.


At Asti, we place strong emphasis on project management and turnkey solutions. For each project, a multi-disciplinary team will accompany you right from the start to the end. >Our project management service includes developing project plan with defined objectives, codifying specifications and resources as well as setting relevant budgets and timelines. > We also help you manage the entire M&E tender process, including tender writing, selection and nomination of contractors, and supervision of the xecution till completion of the project


Asti offers design and build service for Air-conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) in new and existing premises. Our services include reviewing of existing plans, calculation of heat loads, equipment sizing and selection, hydraulic calculation, duct and pipe sizing as well as infrastructure feasibility We commission air conditioning systems, control systems, accessories and other specialised systems to your requirements.


Our value-add to you is manifested through our constant innovation that helps industrial and commercial enterprises make the fullest use of their factory or plant resources We provide a wide variety of process engineering services such as ultra-high purity fabrication, installation and coordination services to industries that require critical and specialised operations as well as facilities such as clean room, data centre and laboratory. We have also developed our own solar power control system to support our clients’ energy saving endeavours. Some of our previous projects include Orbital welding operation, Infra-Red Fusion Welding Operation for the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food processing, ethanol, water and biotech sectors.

Interior Construction

Be it industrial or commercial space, we help you create intelligent and productive environments that empower your employees to perform at their optimal level. Through the latest design ideas and innovative concepts, we collaborate closely with you to achieve your vision of an ideal working space. From aesthetic and engineering design consulting, spatial and layout planning to renovation and construction, we ensure the highest standard in our workmanship and materials. Our expertise in office architectural work includes installing quality partition walls, flooring, lighting as well as managing expansion plans.
Setting up a laboratory requires specific know-how and expertise. At Asti, we assist our clients in managing the process of constructing or out-fitting a laboratory, including consulting and designing bespoke requirements in electrical and lighting system, ACMV, fire protection system, ELV systems and plumbing and sanitary system. Whether it is a diagnostic, quality control or research and development lab, we ensure that the infrastructure complies with the authorities’ standards and guidelines.